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🏁 Getting Started

Apollo Elements App Generator

To quickly get started with apollo-elements, run this command

npm init @apollo-elements app

🔋 Batteries Included

The generated app comes with plenty of bells-and-whistles:

  • TypeScript
  • Linting with eslint and an opinionated ruleset
  • Buildless development workflow with @web/dev-server
  • Minified production bundle
  • A basic Apollo Client instance
  • Simple, unopinionated SPA routing
  • Code-generated TypeScript typings for GraphQL documents
  • import MyQuery from './My.query.graphql'
  • import styles from './my-element.css'

🛎 Scripts

These npm scripts help you get your work done in style:


npm start

runs the code generator and the development server in watch mode


npm run build

bundles the app into /build. The build will bundle and minify your javascript, and minify your HTML. Just upload to your static file host and you're good.


npm run lint

Lint your app with an opinionated set of rules for JavaScript and TypeScript


The generator currently doesn't offer strong opinions on testing your UI components, so npm test currently exist with an error code. For unit testing business logic (i.e. typePolicies), we recommend @web/test-runner

Check out the @apollo-elements/create README for more info.