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Before your components can interact with your graph, you need to pass them an ApolloClient instance. Construct an instance by importing from @apollo/client/core (note: @apollo/client exports a bunch of react code, so if you leave off the /core, you might have TypeScript compilation errors, or larger bundle sizes)

import { ApolloClient, InMemoryCache, HttpLink } from '@apollo/client/core';

const cache =
  new InMemoryCache();

// Configure with a URL to your GraphQL endpoint
const link =
  new HttpLink({ uri: '/graphql' });

export const client =
  new ApolloClient({ cache, link });

Now that your client is ready, you need a way to connect your components to it. There are several options

Global Client

If you assign your client to the global variable window.__APOLLO_CLIENT__, all the apollo elements in your app will connect to it. This is also the variable that Apollo Client Developer Tools use to connect to the client.

import { client } from './global-apollo-client';
window.__APOLLO_CLIENT__ = client;

If you'd prefer to avoid assigning to the window, you have several other options, as follows...


Import ApolloClientMixin from @apollo-elements/mixins and apply it to your components' classes to connect them to a specific client:

import { ApolloClientMixin } from '@apollo-elements/mixins/apollo-client-mixin';
import { ApolloQuery, customElement } from '@apollo-elements/lit-apollo';
import { client } from './specific-apollo-client';

interface Data { /* ... */ }
interface Variables { /* ... */ }

export class ConnectedQuery
  extends ApolloClientMixin(client, ApolloQuery)<Data, Variables> { /* ... */ }

<apollo-client> Element

Import @apollo-elements/components/apollo-client and set it up on your page

<apollo-client id="client">
import { client } from './specific-apollo-client';
document.getElementById('client').client = client;

Nested instances of <apollo-client> will control their own decendents

<apollo-client id="client-a">
    <!-- This element queries from client-a's endpoint -->
  <apollo-client id="client-b">
      <!-- This element queries from client-b's endpoint -->