👩‍🚀 Apollo Elements 🚀

Custom elements meet Apollo GraphQL. It's one small step for a dev, one giant leap for the web platform!

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📦 Packages

Apollo Elements offers packages based on a variety of underlying web component authoring libraries. You can pick the one that suits your project in order to keep your app sizes small.

🔥 lit-apollo

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These base classes extend from LitElement so you can quickly get up and running creating declarative front-ends with Apollo GraphQL.

⚗️ Gluon

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These base classes extend from GluonElement, a simplified WC library that uses lit-html for templating while keeping component state and lifecycle concerns 'close to the metal'.

🍹 Mixins

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These custom element class mixins give you all the features you need to connect your components to your Apollo cache without imposing a specific component library.

🦄 Hybrids

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Element and property descriptors for hybrids components.

🧱 Polymer

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These custom elements fire Polymer-library-style *-changed events when the Apollo cache updates their state. They extend directly from HTMLElement so they're small in size, and their notifying properties make them perfect for use in Polymer templates.