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Apollo Elements helps you build full-scale, high-performance GraphQL frontends with state-of-the-art web technologies. Use your favourite web components base library like lit or FAST; or write your components with vanilla JS. If you're starting from scratch, use the app generator to bootstrap a project.

npm init @apollo-elements
npm init @apollo-elements -- app --pkg-manager yarn
pnpm init @apollo-elements

Read the getting started guide for a more detailed breakdown of how to set up your projects, including an introduction to GraphQL, the Apollo Client, buildless development workflows, and production optimizations. When you're ready to start building your app component, the usage guide shows you how to write, query, mutation, and subscription components, and how to manage local state.

Learn about advanced techniques like operation variable validation and code splitting in the cool tricks section. Use our pre-made components to streamline your workflow. Dive into the API documentation for details on how each component class works.

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