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Apollo Elements consists of a core of reactive controllers, packages for various web-components libraries, ready-made HTML elements, some library helpers, and this documentation.


The core controllers do all the heavy-lifting, interacting with the Apollo Client and exposing an interface with your app. All three controllers extend from a common base class. The core controllers work directly with any ReactiveControllerHost, e.g. LitElement.


Whatever your preference for how to build web components, there's a flavour of Apollo Elements for you and your team. You can even mix-and-match in the same project, thanks to the common interface of HTML and the DOM.

  • Class Mixins: Vanilla JS class mixins
  • Lit: Perhaps the most popular web-component library
  • FAST: Microsoft's new entry into the field
  • Haunted: The React hooks API, but web components
  • Hybrids: A unique chimera of object-oriented and functional styles
  • Gluon: A breath more than vanilla, for the minimalists in the crowd
  • Polymer: The original web-components library